Dennis Topo
The Fundamentals
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Business development executive with over 20 years of experience in strategy, business planning and
tactical execution — building plans and taking actions achieving measurable results. Ability to prioritize
conflicting multiple demands and changing priorities. Drives cross-function teams to produce results
that define growth, strategy and operational excellence in the service and tech industry.
My strong points are:

Business, Technology and Financial insight with the ability to
"connect the dots" between business strategy/initiatives, operational
plans and financial performance
  • Expertise in technology sales, account management and new
    client acquisition.
  • An accomplished speaker facilitating complex relationships
    with confidence and clarity
  • Delivering analytically rigorous and data-driven insights that
    drive business.
  • Solving problems through dynamic interpersonal skills and
    team building.
  • Assist small businesses build a solid business strategy
  • Develop exit strategies (IPO, M&A, etc)